METRES farewell

After 2.5 years since I started, I am about to finish the Metres project. The Marie Curie Fellowship has supposed a great experience that has impacted on me in many aspects. I have had the opportunity of doing research Harvard the first 1.5 years of the Fellowship and meeting some of the most important scholars in my field, including some Nobel Prize awarded. I have learnt a lot, and improved my research skills in a way that will accompany me the rest of my life. Living in the Boston (US) was also incredible. I have left many friends there.

Regarding the project, I have achieved many milestones. The most important one: I have produced seven articles, and already published five of them, that summarize the findings of to the project for those interested in knowing in detail what I have done during this period:

Freire-González, J. (2018). Environmental taxation and the double dividend hypothesis in CGE modelling literature: A critical review. Journal of Policy Modeling, 40(1), 194-223.

Freire-González, J., Ho, M.S. (2018). Environmental Fiscal Reform and the Double Dividend: Evidence from a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model. Sustainability, 10(2), 501.

Freire-González, J., Puig-Ventosa, I. (2019). Reformulating taxes for an energy transition. Energy Economics 78, 312-323.

Freire-González, J. (2018). Los beneficios económicos y ambientales de una Reforma Fiscal Ecológica (The economic and environmental benefits of an Environmental Tax Reform). Ambienta 125, 42–49.

Freire-González, J., Ho, M.S. (2018). Carbon Taxes and the Double Dividend Hypothesis in a Recursive-Dynamic CGE model for Spain. Economic Systems Research (in press).

Two more articles are currently under review:

Freire-González, J., Martinez-Sanchez, V., Puig-Ventosa, I. (2018). Assessing Waste Taxation: an Empirical Study in a CGE Multi-Pollutant Framework (under review).

Freire-González, J. (2018). Energy taxation policies can counteract the rebound effect: empirical evidence (under review).

I have also published one article in a newspaper:

Freire-González, J. (2005). ¿Por qué es necesario impulsar una Reforma Fiscal Ecológica? Diario16 (16/10/2018).

Beyond these articles, I have also attended conferences in which I had the opportunity to show my research and get feedback from colleagues, I have attended two weekly seminars on environmental economics at Harvard, and have carried out many other activities that have given me the opportunity to grow as a researcher. Besides, I have recently been awarded with a Beatriu de Pinós Fellowship form the Government of Catalonia, so I am going to keep doing research for the two next years in my hometown in Catalonia, and continue some of the work I started with the Fellowship.

With this post I finish a story I started in 2013 when I first applied for this Fellowship. One of the best decisions I have made in my life.


So long.




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