Time to pause and summarize achievements of the Metres project

About to have some well-deserved vacation, it is time to pause and reflect about the achievements of the Metres project so far, as well as the remaining challenges. The Metres project ends on December the 31st of this 2018, so there are only five months ahead to close it.

In these 25 months since its start at Harvard University, I have achieved many challenges. The most important one, a detailed and complex dynamic energy-environment-economy CGE model of the Spanish economy for 101 industries/commodities that allows the analysis of different types of taxation policies from an economic and environmental perspective. This model has experienced many adaptations for the different researches I have carried out.

Regarding publications, one article has already been published in Sustainability using this tool: an assessment of an environmental fiscal reform. Three more are under review in different review stages: the impacts of a carbon tax; the use of energy taxes for an energy transition and a third on the use of taxation to tackle secondary effects of energy productivity. Moreover, a critical review on the use of CGE models and the double dividend hypothesis has also been published in the Journal of Policy Modeling, another top peer-review journal.

Now I am preparing another research, in collaboration with other members of ENT, that will end up in an article on the impact of waste taxes and proposals to improve them. Beyond the impacts on macroeconomic indicators, we will track the impacts on other indicators like global warming potential, marine eutrophication potential or human toxicity, among others. This will extend our model toward environmental and health considerations, providing more detailed assessments that may be interesting for other disciplines beyond pure economic analysis. We plan to have it finished, with an article sent to a peer-review journal, by the end of the year, concluding this way the Metres project.

However, we will still carry out other dissemination activities till January 2019. I’ll keep you posted!


20180703_212121Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona)



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