Outgoing phase of the Metres Project completed

After 1.5 years in Harvard University, I have completed the outgoing period of my Marie Curie Individual Fellowship. From January 2018 I will start a new period of 1 year at ENT Environment and Management in Catalonia.

It has been a fruitful period, surrounded by an inspiring academic environment, where I have acquired new interesting skills for an academic and professional career and consolidated another ones. From the research perspective, and despite the difficulties, I have completed all the duties I had described in my research proposal for this phase.

A complete and very detailed dynamic CGE model with an energy and an environmental extension has been developed for the assessment of economic and environmental policies. It has 101 different industries and includes 31 different pollutant emissions at this industry level, as well as energy consumption. In order to test the double dividend hypothesis, different carbon taxes have been simulated, providing a methodology to test the effects of different possible taxes on other externalities, pollutants or resources. Beyond this, an Environmental Fiscal Reform has also been analyzed by levying several industries related to energy, transport, water and waste, and reducing other environmental damaging subsides. One article has already been published, and two other ones have been sent to important peer-reviewed Journals, and are currently under review. All this would not have been possible without the collaboration of Professor Jorgenson and Dr. Mun Ho, who have helped me and taught me a lot.

20171206_134041A new period starts now, with the aim of giving further purpose to the knowledge and tools acquired in Harvard. One of the aims of this year is to refine some aspects of the model, updating some of the data that feeds it, assess other kind of environmental tax policies and disseminate the results of the project.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!